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Early Voting

With early primary voting starting in Texas, I kindly ask for your vote to continue representing you in Congress.

This is a critical election for our nation. Will the U.S. continue down the reckless path that Obama has set us on or will we reverse course and return to the principles of liberty and limited government?

A year ago you sent me to Washington to combat the disastrous polices of this Administration – and that continues to be my goal every day in Congress. I have no interest in being part of the go along to get along crowd. 

While this may not make me popular in Congress, that is fine with me because I work for you – not the Washington elites.

I remain true to our conservative Texas values:

   - Voted against raising the debt limit to over $20 trillion

   - Opposed massive spending bills that no one has the time to read

   - Led the charge against Obama's reckless massive Middle East refugee influx

   - Introduced legislation to protect the Second Amendment

   - Voted to end taxpayer funding for abortion

   - Exposed the illegality of Obama's job killing EPA regulations

These are just a few of the many issues that I have been working on that represent our conservative values. 

About the Author

Dr. Brian Babin

Dr. Brian Babin was sworn into the 114th Congress on January 6, 2015. As a life-long resident of East Texas, he proudly serves the people of Texas’ 36th Congressional District – which includes the counties of Chambers, Liberty, Hardin, Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Orange, and portions of southeastern Harris County. He was born in Port Arthur, Texas and grew up in Beaumont. He graduated with a bachelor of science from Lamar University and completed dental school at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, Texas.

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