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Babin Joins Hannity to Discuss Refugee Crisis

I took an oath to protect the citizens of the United States and that's what I intend to do. I am leading the charge in Washington to block President Barack Obama's plan to bring tens of thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. 

Watch my recent interview with Sean Hannity to hear about my efforts to stop all refugee resettlement until the program is fully audited and all security risks have been assessed.


About the Author

Dr. Brian Babin

Dr. Brian Babin was sworn into the 114th Congress on January 6, 2015. As a life-long resident of East Texas, he proudly serves the people of Texas’ 36th Congressional District – which includes the counties of Chambers, Liberty, Hardin, Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, Orange, and portions of southeastern Harris County. He was born in Port Arthur, Texas and grew up in Beaumont. He graduated with a bachelor of science from Lamar University and completed dental school at the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston, Texas.

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