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Babin Celebrates Re-Election, Praises Historic Trump-Pence Victory

It is truly an honor and privilege to continue representing the good folks of Texas’ 36th Congressional District. I am humbled by this opportunity and look forward to working with a Trump-Pence Administration and a Republican Congress to help get America back on the right track.

Make no mistake; this election was a historic rejection of the failed liberal policies of Barack Obama and a mandate for a bold, new direction that values our freedom and security. President-elect Donald Trump has given voice to millions of Americans that Washington has ignored for far too long. With his strong leadership, we can now deliver the change that the majority of Americans so desperately want and need.

From securing our border and ending reckless refugee policies to repealing the collapsing Obamacare plan and cutting government spending, we have a mandate to take immediate action. I will work tirelessly in Congress with President Trump and Vice-President Pence to help advance these goals and the conservative values that make our communities and nation stronger.

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Dr. Brian Babin

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