Obamacare:  I will work tirelessly to repeal it and replace it with policies that work.  It’s destroying jobs, the economy, and causing millions to lose their promised healthcare policies. Government can never replace the doctor-patient relationship. We should replace it with federal tax credits and free market solutions.

Taxes and Spending:  I oppose ANY tax increase and will work toward a simplified tax code. Spending must be reduced with real cuts that lead to a balanced budget and end constant debt-ceiling increases.

Job Creation:  I believe jobs are created by a thriving free enterprise system, not by the government. Indeed, our government has done much to stymie entrepreneurship.  We must implement pro-growth policies to provide incentives for the creation and growth of businesses.  This will create jobs and help regenerate our economy.

Regulation:  Burdensome regulations must be reduced and reined in. Bureaucratic agencies are killing the economy and have usurped the powers of the Congress and states.

2nd Amendment:  I am a rock solid defender of the 2nd Amendment, a 30 year member of the NRA, and was endorsed by the NRA in my 1996 congressional race.

Pro-Life:  I am a steadfast defender of the sanctity of life and the unborn.

Immigration:  We must secure the borders and oppose amnesty programs. Immigration reform must be an orderly, controlled policy that benefits U.S. citizens and our country and does not reward illegal entry.

Defense:  As a veteran myself and father of a decorated Navy SEAL, I believe our military must be prepared and second to none in a very dangerous world.  We must eliminate waste and mismanagement in the military to permit our Armed Forces to defend and protect our national security to the utmost.

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